Incitia Ventures - Successful Venture Capital Manager in the Nordic Region from 2001


Incitia Ventures was established in 2001 to invest in Nordic venture capital and quickly etsablished itself as a leading player in the market.  In 2007 Incitia raised its second fund with a broader base of local investors.

Incitia Ventures has invested in companies that from Incitia’s experience provided the best trade-off between risk and reward. The approach has been highly disciplined with an active on-the-ground approach to proactively and relentlessly drive value creation in each portfolio company. The geographical footprint grew from initially a Norwegian focus to covering the Nordic region.

The second fund was fully invested in 2011. The first fund was finally completed and delivered back to the investors in January 2014. We had initially decided to raise a third fund from existing and new European investors.  In the later part of 2013 our cornerstone investor decided not to continue its involvement with venture capital. For this and for our own personal vision for venture capital we decided to wind down the remaining portfolio.

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Incitia has invested in 18 early growth and venture capital companies within the Nordic technology sector. The first fund achieved a gross fund multiple-of-cost of 2.5x and a gross IRR of 20%. More than 60% of the portfolio companies in the first fund were sold at a profit. 

We are very proud to have participated in building world leading niche companies within their particular market segments:

  • Algeta, now Bayer Nordic (DAX: BAY) - World leading radiopharmaceutical oncology company. Acquired by Bayer in March 2014 for USD 2,9 billion representing one of the three largest VC exits in the Nordics the last 10 years.
  • Easy Park - Pioneer and leading provider of mobile phone parking in Europe. Sold in a secondary transaction in 2012.
  • Falanx, now ARM Multimedia (LSE: ARM.L) -Market leading graphics technology (GPU) solutions for handheld devices.
  • Sense EDM, now part of Cameron International
    (NYSE: CAM) - Global #3 turn-key provider of intelligent drilling rig solutions.

In 2012 Incitia won the Investor AllStars Exit of the Year Award at a ceremony in London for its work with Algeta. Incitia is the only Nordic based VC firm that has won this pan-European award.