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16.October 2008
ASD Introduces Industry´s Lowest Power ADC Converter Family

Trondheim, Norway, October 16th 2008 - Only one year after startup, the Norwegian-based analog chip company Arctic Silicon Devices, ASD, today announced a new set of analog-to-digital converters, the SNOWFLAKE family, which outcompetes market leaders by offering several times lower power dissipation at better or even performance.

“The SNOWFLAKE family starts a new era in ultra low power ADC products”, says Øystein Moldsvor, CTO with ASD. The company has developed a design technique where a physical optimum is found for biasing any given analog configuration. Combined with the company’s proprietary pipeline architecture, the result is the market's most power efficient converters.

ASD has worked closely with leading OEMs when defining the new products, targeting portable industrial markets like medical and instrumentation.”Low power dissipation is the most valued criteria in portable applications, and with the SNOWFLAKE family we aim to take a decent share of the market in these applications”, Moldsvor says. In addition to portable devices, low power dissipation ICs have become a growing trend in digital consumer devices due to energy conservation.”Several public bodies have already started programs to conserve energy in such devices, like the 1W initiative in US. We will be the natural choice for ADCs in these applications”, Moldsvor states.
Arctic Silicon Devices AS (ASD): Headquartered in Trondheim, ASD is a fabless semiconductor company with new products within mixed mode front end chip solutions that combines ultra low power dissipation, ease of use, and cost efficiency, while maintaining state-of-the-art performance. The company is funded by the the leading VC fund Incitia Ventures.  For further information, please visit