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16.August 2011
EasyPark Launch Smartphone App for iPhone and Android

This summer EasyPark launced  its Smartphone App - en brand new phone parking application for smartphones and tablets. During the first few days thousands of users downloaded the app. The initial user feedback has been tremendous.

The app offers a number of exciting functions in order to further simplify phone parking for Easypark's 250 000 users. Park your cars with one  keystroke and choose parking time. The app couns down remaining parking time in real-time, and the user can at any time choose to stop or extend the parking. The parking fees are collected and shown on each customers debit/credit card or on a separate invoice. Parking has never been simpler.

"Our goal was to make a quick and intuitive application initially, and its functionality wil be further extended in future versions. EasyPark is a working tool fior meny of our users, and the app must facillitate parking in a few seconds after opening the app. I believe we have managed to contain the core of EasyPark's service in the app, and we are eagerly awaiting further feedback from our users", says Johan Thalin, Chief Marketing Officer - EasyPark Group. 
Future upgrades of the app is already under development to increase the usability and features for the Easypark customers. Location based servioces like suggestion of parking area codes, directions to near parking lots and "find-my-car" areexamples of future features. 
EasyPark Smartphone App v. 1.0 is available for free on App Store (iPhone) og Android Market under the name EasyPark.
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