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23.April 2009
HBO Chooses T-VIPS Video Gateways for Video Transport over IP

T-VIPS AS, a global leader in professional video contribution and distribution, with advanced solutions
for the contribution & distribution of broadcast quality video signals, today announces that HBO has
purchased T-VIPS video gateways to transport programing over IP from its New York City studios to
the HBO Communications Center (HCC) Hauppauge and to facilitate remote off-line editing of HD
“The switch to IP connectivity using T-VIPS video gateways enabled additional flexibility and met our
quality standards,” says Diane Tryneski, SVP of Studio Broadcast Operations & Engineering, HBO.
“T-VIPS also responded quickly to our requirement for a custom scrambling system for our video
“I’m delighted that HBO, a company synonymous with high-quality has chosen our video gateways to
enable video transport over IP,” says Johnny Dolvik, CEO, T-VIPS, AS. “We realize that our solutions
enable broadcasters to make very real savings, but it’s often the other advantages such as highquality
10-bit color, low-latency and incredible error-resiliency that tip the balance. I look forward to our
video gateways ensuring that HBO continues to enjoy the best in IP video transport.”