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14.December 2007
Large Vensafe order

Vensafe AS has received an order from Coop Norden for 5 million Euros. The order is for Vensafe systems to be delivered in 2008 to stores in Norway and Sweden. Two thirds of the order is for the Norwegian market.
Coop has had a framework agreement with Vensafe for the last 3 years and in that time has gained extensive knowledge of the system which is installed in most of its branches. The Coop stores have had Vensafe installed in its store profiles Coop OBS!, Mega, Prix and Extra. Coop Marked will also start using the system in 2008. In Sweden the system will be installed in Coop Forum, Extra and Konsum.
In view of a potential change in the law regulating the display of tobacco products in the Norwegian retail trade in 2008, Coop has chosen to act ahead of the change in regulations. The Vensafe sales system can easily be adapted to display products in this product category in a neutral fashion and thereby fulfil the requirements put forth by the Directorate of Health and Social Affairs in their proposal document no. 06/2967.
Stores that have already installed Vensafe have registered a decrease in the theft of product groups displayed in Vensafe dispensers.