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20.November 2007
T-VIPS Announces Two New Board Appointments

T-VIPS AS, a Norwegian technology company that designs, builds and supplies worldleading
solutions for the contribution & distribution of broadcast quality video signals, today
announces the election of Bengt Thuresson and Per Haug Kogstad to the board of directors.
Effective immediately, these new appointments will provide valuable experience to the board
and assist in T-VIPS’ growth both within existing and new markets.

“We are delighted to welcome both Bengt and Per to our board of directors,” says Johnny
Dolvik, CEO, T-VIPS. “Bengt has experience at the highest level with a number of
international technology companies, while Per has valuable experience in developing new
products for new markets and building global distribution; this injection of management
professionalism will greatly assist our continued growth.”

Bengt Thuresson (53) has served in a number of high profile positions within the technology
and broadcast industries. He is Chairman of the Norwegian e-commerce company Komplett
and up until the takeover by Ericsson in April, 2007, he was also Vice-Chairman of the Board
for digital broadcasting leaders TANDBERG Television. Prior to that, he was Chairman of the
broadband company NextGenTel and the software company Confirmit. In addition, Mr
Thuresson has been a key part of the management team of the video conferencing company
TANDBERG, where he was CEO between 1997 and 2001.

The second new board member Per Haug Kogstad (50), through his experience gained as
Executive Vice President at TANDBERG, provides T-VIPS with valuable experience in sales
and channel management. At TANDBERG he was instrumental in developing new markets
in EMEA, North America, Asia/Pacific and South America. He also played a crucial role in
developing a market oriented product development strategy and managing the product
portfolio at TANDBERG. Prior to joining TANDBERG in 1990, Mr. Kogstad was General
Manager of Ericsson Public Data Networks.