Market leading provider of mobile phone parking in Northern Europe.

EasyPark is one of the leaders globally within innovative payment services for car parking. EasyPark’s service offering provides a win-win proposition for parking operators and parking users. Operators reduce their payment handling and controlling costs, while users experience a hassle-free parking, no fines and more efficient expense handling. At exit EasyPark served more than 300 000 paying users and had service contracts with more than 250 cities and parking operators across five countries. EasyPark is headquartered in Stockholm and operates its own proprietary technology platform. The company was sold to the Nordic PE-firm Verdane Capital in February 2012.

Key developments during our ownership:

  • Pioneering the market for mobile phone-parking services in Europe.
  • Developing and fine-tuning a highly scalable and profitable business model.
  • Establishing a broad patent portfolio and related licensing business.
  • Expanding business from Norway to Nordics and Germany organically and through acquisitions.
  • Recurring revenue growth from €0,5 million to €12 million.
  • Significantly strengthened the management team.

Sold to Verdane Capital in 2012. 
Responsible partner: Erik Sandersen