Pioneering Any Screen Computing

FXI Technologies is a technology startup dedicated to making the world of digital screens smart and personal. The company is headquartered in Trondheim, Norway with operations in South Korea and California. FXI develops software/ hardware and manufactures Any Screen connected companion devices using the company’s proprietary technology platform and markets and sells these to players in the TV/STB, home appliances, consumer electronics, content and carrier/operator markets. FXI’s first product, Cotton Candy, enables consumers to use the world of digital displays as the window to their cloud and other digital content while enjoying a consistent experience from screen to screen.

Key developments since our investment:

  • Developed the core business concept and filed the first patent as a project within Falanx Microsystems, a former portfolio company. Founded FXI Technologies as part of a spin-out of the technology from Falanx Microsystems.
  • Established a core operating team in California. Developed the core technology and demonstrated the technology for mobile phones.
  • Built a strong board of directors. Relocated the company to Norway. Attracted former Falanx CEO and co-founder to join FXI as new CEO. Expanded the organization, built presence in South Korea.
  • Redeveloped the product concept from targeting mobile phones only to putting complete application processors onto memory devices making any screen smart and personal.
  • Prototyped and engineered FXI’s first product, Cotton Candy. Established production capacity in South Korea.
  • Launched Cotton Candy at CES 2012 and Word Mobile Congress 2012. Established global distribution capacity.
  • Elected Last Gadget Standing Finalist for CES 2012. Won Red Herring Top 100 Europe Award 2012. Elected Best Mobile Startups 2012 by Laptop Magazine.

Board member: Jens Petter Falck (Chairman)
Co-investor: Alliance Venture.