World-leading graphics technology company for mobile devices

Falanx Microsystems (now ARM Norway) was founded in Trondheim in 2003 by a group of young and highly skilled engineers. They developed a proprietary technology platform that turned out to be the world’s leading chip design for graphics- and video acceleration on mobile devices combining highly advanced 2D/3D graphics and video richness with minimum power consumption and size. Falanx launched the first version of its MALI product line in 2005. In 2006 the company was sold to ARM Ltd, the world’s leading system IP producer. Today the MALI family is the global market leader of handheld GPUs and Trondheim is the global design center for ARM’s Media Processing Division counting 70+ engineers.

Key developments during our ownership:

  • Developed a world-class technology for graphics processing units (GPUs) with very competitive characteristics.
  • Devised a market-driven product road map, developed the MALI product family of GPUs.
  • Secured design wins with leading customers internationally.
  • Established presence in US.
  • Built presence and awareness within the international GPU industry, participated in defining new technology standards, attracted attention from industry leaders.
  • Developed a proprietary technology concept that was spun out in a new portfolio company FXI Technologies AS.

Sold to ARM Ltd (LSE: ARM.L) in 2006 and renamed ARM Norway AS.
Responsible partner: Jens Petter Falck