Unique hardware solution for securing stored data

High Density Devices AS (HDD) has developed a unique and patented data encryption platform for securing data at rest on laptops, hard disks, memory sticks and other storage media. The development has been sponsored by the US DoD and has received the highest levels of security certifications (including NATO Restricted) for any commercially available encryption product. The solution is 100% hardware-based and fully independent of any operating system. Deployment is cost effective, fast, simple and hassle-free compared to the more commonly available software encryption solutions.

Key developments since our investment:

  • Utilized the patented encryption platform to launch a completely new suite of data security products.
  • Contracts for product testing won with key customers with strict security requirements.
  • Secured additional financing.
  • Strengthened management and technical team


Transferred management to new fund manager in July 2014

Board member: Erik Sandersen (2009-2011, 2013-2014), Åsgeir Nord (2012-2013)
Co-investors: Tønnevold Venture and KLP