Built company with a unique mechanism for injection of gene vaccines

Inovio (now part of Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc) has developed efficient delivery technologies for gene therapy and DNA vaccines into skeletal muscles with use of electrical pulses (electroporation). One bottleneck in gene therapy and DNA vaccination is the delivery of the genes into living cells and Inovio's proprietary technology may become an important enabling technology for gene therapy. The company was founded by researchers at the University of Oslo and has since 2005 been part of the San Diego based Inovio Pharmaceuticals.

Key developments during our ownership:

  • Development of the technological platform.
  • Expansion of patent protection.
  • Design and execution of preclinical studies and phase I clinical studies.

Sold in 2005 to Genetronics Biomedical Corporation, which later changed name to Inovio Pharmaceuticals (NYSE AMEX: INO).
Responsible partner: Jens Petter Falck