Concept for functional training and treatment

Redcord has developed a unique and effective concept for functional training and treatment.  A proprietary blend of applied scientific knowledge, patented equipment and developed methodologies ensures the effectiveness of the Redcord system. The concept has been published in several internationally reputable scientific journals. As an industry innovator, Redcord continue to pave the path for new ideas and innovative products in functional training and rehabilitation.

Key developments during our ownership:

  • Roll-out of Redcord training and treatment centres.
  • Increased international orientation with focus on exports.
  • Re-branded company to Redcord (formerly known as ‘Nordisk Terapi’).
  • Development of a broader product line, hereunder the new Redcord Stimula.
  • Broadened the documentation base of Redcord’s Neurac (neuro-muscular activation) effect
  • Reduced operating costs to increase capital effectiveness.

Sold to fund investor in 2011.
Responsible partner: Åsgeir Nord.