Global technology leader within the broadcast video market

T-VIPS provide broadcasters and network operators with market-leading products for transmission and processingof professional broadcast video. The company is a pioneer in enabling professional video over IP networks and using lossless compression to secure high video quality at a minimum time delay (latency). T-VIPS is also offering unique products for cost efficient regionalization of digital terrestrial TV networks. The company’s flexible and powerful technology platform enables short time to market for new products, efficient logistics and production and a high degree of adaptability to customer demands. T-VIPS was founded in 2004 by a group of former employees of Tandberg Television having extensive industry experience. The company merged with Nevion in October 2012.

Key developments during our ownership:

  • Revenue growth from 0 to well above €10 million with profitability.
  • Significantly broadening the original product offering from a one-product company to a system provider.
  • Established a presence in the US with significant US revenues.
  • Recognized technology leader within next generation professional video transmission, pioneering professional video over IP-networks and JPEG compression. Won several international prizes and awards for its technology leadership including Red Herring Europe 100 and Cable and Satellite Awards at IBC.
  • Established market leader in two emerging global market segments within the broadcast video space.
  • Customer list including most leading European and US TV networks.
  • Negotiated merger agreement with Nevion AS to create a leading industrial player.

Merged with Nevion AS in 2012
Responsible partner: Erik Sandersen