Leading European provider of automated sales solutions for retailers

Vensafe has developed a complete concept for improved product exposure, prevention of theft and efficient stock management of small and expensive items in retail businesses. Typical products sold through the automated sales system are razor blades, batteries, non-prescription drugs, cigarettes and pre-paid telephone cards. Vensafe focuses mainly on large supermarket chains and has an installed base with several of the leading chains in many European countries. Vensafe is headquartered from Norway with subsidiaries in Sweden, Denmark, Belgium and Germany.

Key developments during our ownership:

  • Realized a strong revenue growth from €2,5 million to above €12 million.
  • Successfully established foothold in several European countries and positioned the company as a leader within a growing global niche.
  • Expanded company offering from pure product deliveries to complete solutions increasing profitability on small high-value products.
  • Developed and rolled-out the new generation product platform.
  • Recruited top management to the company.
  • Moved production to new supplier with fully automated production lines and implemented “built to order” logistics.

Sold to fund investor in 2011.
Responsible partner: Åsgeir Nord.